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watre and wastewater

This company represents general services related to designing , Consulting engineering , Tunnel construction projects and Underground excavations  Especially with the approach of drilling all mechanized sections, Long tunnels to transfer water and sewage, Building hydropower plant, Reservoirs and construction of water supply network.


This company With professional and experienced manpower and All mechanized drilling technology and Long experience in studies and Designing of urban rail lines is active in Construction of roads, including the main and sub, Highways, freeways, rail roads, runways, Tunnels, bridges, roads , underground transportation systems and so on.

Civil Operations

The company is in compliance with international standards with Using new methods and innovative technologies days In the field of project management, urban development projects, Complex construction of residential, office, commercial, cultural and so on.


Industry and Energy

The company with knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of industrial projects and energy is active is below sections: Oil, Gas and Petrochemical and gas pipelines & construction of oil and gas reservoirs & Industrial manufacturing facilities and equipment & Preparation and exploration and mining & Energy efficiency