Using its unique technical power, Pars Metro Sazan Co. is active in field of design, engineering, civil and industry


Using modern technologies, and unique human capitals, Pars Metro, an innovative, mature, and knowledge-based organization, plays a great role as one of the paramount international corporations make a powerful joint venture and consortium in order to export engineering services .

This important point is realized through respecting moral and professional principles, and is carried out in order to fulfill stakeholders’ interests through considering global standards related to its mission.


In order to have an active presence and to gain an appropriate position in the global business environment, and also to develop technical and engineering activities, Pars Metro Sazan works in field of engineering, procurement, construction, and finance (EPCF).

The company’s activities cover include Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Latin and South America. The company’s excellent advantage is to implement projects in high risk geographical regions and to respect standard environmental standards.

Gaining customers’ satisfaction, using highest and newest technologies and knowledge management methods are always form the company’s main slogan.